Phỏm (or Tá Lả) is a Rummy-style game played with a standard deông chồng of cards. The objective sầu of the game is lớn exchange cards in a hand khổng lồ khung combinations of cards called phoms and to reduce the number of points left in the cards that are not in any phoms. This variance of Rummy is played through out Vietnam giới, though it is much more popular in northern provinces of Vietnam giới.

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A valid group of cards (called phom) in this game is either:

3 or more cards of the same suit3 or more cards of the same rank

The game is for 2-4 people and it is best to lớn play the game with 4 people.Each player initially has 9 cards except the first player who has 10 cards. The remaining dechồng of cards is left in the middle of the game table.

The game starts with the first player discarding one of his card. The next player can meld that card if the thẻ together with 2 or more cardson his hand form a phom. If the card is melt, the player does not need lớn show other people the cards he uses for the melding. If theplayer cannot meld or does not want khổng lồ meld, he can hit, taking a new cardfrom the remaining dechồng. This new thẻ is known only to the player and not lớn all his opponents. After melding or hitting, the player then discards one of his cards & the game continues with the next player.

The game ends when there is a player whose hands can be arranged intoone or more phoms. This type of winning is called rummy (also known as ù).If there is no such player, the game ends after 4 rounds.Before discarding a card in the last round, a player must shown all the phoms he has.

Important restrictions: Any phom cannot contain 2 cards takinginkhổng lồ the hvà via melding.A player is không lấy phí khổng lồ arrange the phoms any way he wishes before showinglớn others. During the game, a player must make sure that theremaining hvà is valid at all time, i.e. the card(s) he melt must still be in separate phom(s).

A phom game is conviniently organized in 4 rounds. In each round, each player takes on average exactly one thẻ from the remaining deông xã. cảnh báo that a player may meld one or more cards during a round và thus avoid taking any thẻ from the remaining deông xã. A player may actually take up to 3 cards in a round, while other players may take none.

To make it easy for players khổng lồ know the current round and when it ends, the trash cards in a round are shifted counter clockwise whenever a thẻ is melt.

chú ý that if a player plays more than one time during the last round, he has a chance khổng lồ put down phom(s) each time he plays.

If a player wins with a rummy, the winner wins 6 bets from each other players. The winning amount is doubled (i.e. 12 bets) if the rummy happens before the player discards, and thus the hand still has 10 cards.

For a normal game with no rummy, each player computes his point as the number of dots remaining in his h&, counting J, Q, K as 11, 12, & 13 respectively. The lower the point, the better the hand.As an exception, a hand with no phom is called mómand is always worse than a hand with phom(s).

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The player with the best remaining h& wins the game. The losersrank themselves according lớn their points and pay 1, 2, or 3 bets respectively to the winner. A loser with a móm handmust always pay 4 bets to the winner however.

Tie breaker note: In a normal game (i.e. no rummy), if two playershave sầu the same point, the person who discards the last thẻ aao ước the two loses.

There are 3 penalty rules.

If player A discards a card that is melt by the next player B, Amust pay 1 bet khổng lồ B. If the round is the last round, A must payto lớn B 4 bets instead of 1 bet.If player A lets the next player B melds 3 cards, B wins with a rummy andA must pay the losing bets for all other players.If the game ends with a rummy in the last round, the last person whomelt during that last round is penalized & must pay the losing betsfor all other players.

Playing Phom at is simple. The program automaticallychecks for you whether you can meld a thẻ when it is your turn tomeld/hit và whether you can discard a thẻ when it is your turn todiscard. The card that you melt are shown with an underline, andthe cards that other melt are displayed on the game window.

The program can conviniently arrange the hvà so that you can easilysee the phom(s).

Phom is interesting in that a player can try to guest the cards his opponentshave based on the cards they meld and disthẻ. Mastering the game requiresa lot of practice.

chú ý that the losing amount for a normal game is low comparedkhổng lồ rummy or even the penalty for letting the next player melds your card.A player should focus on getting a rummy while trying khổng lồ deny the playernext to lớn them from melding discarded cards.

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Phom can be considered Vietnamese Rummy, yet there are many minor variations of the game Phom withinVietnam giới. One notable exception of the variation implemented at daianevent.comis that there is no ability to put away cards (gởi) to someone else"sphoms. This effectively reduces the chance of rummy và is desirableas the winning amount for rummy is very high. It also allows good phomplayers to prevent others from having rummy more effectively.

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