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Vật phđộ ẩm này bị xóa bởi vì vẫn phạm luật Hướng dẫn xã hội cùng nội dung Steam. quý khách là tín đồ duy nhất hoàn toàn có thể nhận thấy trang bị phẩm này. Nếu các bạn tin rằng đồ vật phẩm của bản thân mình bị xóa nhầm thì xin sung sướng liên hệ team cung ứng Steam.

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Vật phđộ ẩm này sẽ không tương hợp với Total War: ATTILA. Hãy xem trang chỉ dẫn để biết nguyên ổn nhân tại vì sao đồ gia dụng phẩm này rất có thể ko sử dụng được trong Total War: ATTILA.

Hello & thank you for visiting this guide created by experts on Attila total war. We hope lớn handle all your questions on the game, from which faction lớn play, army management, tactics, politics, and migration you will learn a lot about what khổng lồ bởi vì in Attila.
Most definately, after the poor release of Rome II, it doesn"t suprise me that this would be the first question on most peoples minds, that being said, there are significant improvements to ATILLA. The game as a whole works (and runs) very well, a much better release this time round, và certain aspects have been implemented and fixed khổng lồ bring a much better Total War experience, one that alot of us expected from Rome II. Firstly, the politics has been repaired, expanded, & is immersive sầu - you can assassinate, marry off, gain support, ensure loyalty và many more. This can be done by anyone in the reintroduced family tree, even the women! The AI - both battle & campaign - is significantly improved, from my experience, I have been presented with plenty of challenges in the many campaigns I have briefly played, the AI also doesnt bởi vì the same things from one campaign to lớn the other. As the various different migrators & barbarians, I have seen the WRE & ERE fall, survive sầu, exp& and even destroy each other.That is just a taste of what awaits the owners of Total War: ATILLA - the game is definately worth a try, it is already level pegging with Rome II (và in some ways exceeds it!) và with the promise of future patches, DLC"s/FLC"s, ATILLA is definately shaping up lớn be a fantastic game.Demoli5h4
If you have never played a total war game before, are an average player, or are an expert, this section will help you find a faction that fits you.
The Prologue: the best option if you have never played total war as it functions as a tutorial. Sassanids: a good beginners faction as they start with a strong economic & military base. They are also surrounded by a buffer zone of client states so it will be awhile before war comes to lớn your homelands. Visigoths: this faction is great for learning horde mechanics because they start with very strong armies capable of easily sacking most cities, even walled cities, in the early game. Picts: the Picts start in a walled city surrounded by friends giving them a fairly laid bachồng start, allowing you to take your time in expanding. Plus every general gets night battles & guerilla deployment which makes battle so easy.
start in a walled đô thị with a port, but you will have khổng lồ overcome poor fertility. Saxons: start in a walled thành phố with trade goods, but there is no port. Burgundians: start in a small settlement, but has easy access khổng lồ ruined settlements to lớn resettle. They also start on solid political ground within the faction. Langobards: start in a small settlement with no food, bad buildings but starting with a very cheap & effective early unit "Young Wolfs" makes for quichồng và easy expanding. Poltics wise they only start with the faction leader in your family tree with two children and only two under other nobles.

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Ebdanians: the ebdanians have bonuses lớn sacking which makes them easy khổng lồ fund early game. They also have guerilla deployment which is a fantastically fun gimmick. Caledonians: the Caledonians start with a resource that allows them to start optimizing their settlement from turn 1. They also have sầu guerilla deployment.
Alamans: start in a walled city with trade goods, but are at war with the Vandals who have two large stacks within 2 turns of your starting thành phố. Danes: One of the Viking DLC factions, they start of with low enemies and high standing is easily possible with the Saxons. Prove sầu your worth as you fight lớn survive against your fellow Viking tribes. Jutes: The Jutes are in my opinion the most difficult to play as out of the viking DLC factions. This is not form personal experince but from multiplayer campaigns. Alans: Starting of on the hunt for survival the Alans are a horde tribe that can be easy to lớn use but at the same time difficult lớn those with less knowledge on Total War. Watch out for famine, desease và war as you look for a place lớn settle. Franks: Not to be confused with Anne Frank the Franks are a strong tribe and a thorn in the Saxon side. They start of with one đô thị with a port, not walled but certainly easy to defover. Svào position lớn attaông xã the Saxons or the Western Roman empire are available and friends beow the Saxons can be found in the Alamans và Longobards.
Vandals: start as a horde with no good targets & no siege equipment. You are at war with the Alamans, who start in a walled city, và will try to lớn destroy you. Other factions will often join the Alamans in war against you, making this a difficult start. Eastern Roman Empire: One of the greademo Empires in the world. This nation will provide you with countless hours of enjoyment as you fight the sassanid empire, visigoths & other barbarian nations crawling within your boarders. There is no doubt this is a difficult nation to play as, the only question is are you tough enough?
Western Roman Empire: The strongest military in the world, there is no doubting Roman power in Europe. Though over in foreign lands your enemies linger, looking for a time to lớn strike at your empire. You will face the huns, the Vandals, the Saxons & the northern British tribes. In addition to all of the foreign enemies you will also find your own generals ready khổng lồ backstab you, rebellion around every corner và independance sapping your lvà mass. Can you survive this onslaught of change?If you are a Total War expert, & managed Rome II on Legendary with one eye closed be warned Attila is a much harder game, you may want khổng lồ bump down the difficulty first time round ;)Demoli5h4, Gaius Julius Caesar, Voth
In 376 A.D. the barbarians Huns north of the Danube turned to lớn their civilized rival, the Romans, and begged for protection. For a far more barbaric tribe was coming. Perhaps no other people have struck greater fear in the west than the Huns. In the kết thúc of the fourth century the Huns seemed lớn have materialized out of nowhere và crushed they way inkhổng lồ the Hungarian plains. From there they extended their domains south of the Danube River, into lớn Gaul and then northern Italy, leaving a trail of destruction và terror wherever they went. As far as what we know the Huns are this devastating tribe, you will find them razing cities lớn the ground và subjugating tribes for their own purpose. Their diplomatic disposition is that they severely hate Great Empires such as the Eastern and Western Roman Empires. They also hate Western Romans và this will affect the outcome of the game greatly. The Huns start with one small tribunal state under their control và shortly after you will find that state getting attacked, this will cause the Huns to either betray their ally or go inkhổng lồ a war which should hopefully keep them busy so the Western Romans can prepare for the invasion to lớn come. As the game is phối before 400AD Attila is not yet born & there for you have sầu time to lớn prepare anyway, use this time wisely to solidify your rule within your tribe / nation và lớn defat your rivals. As the Western Romans this is very important. Defeat the small hordes that are your enemies & then destroy or subjugate the Saxons. Pay off the remaining tribes & you should be able to lớn start getting ready for more war. Just because you have sầu gotten rid of your current enemies do not expect peace to lớn last long. Watch out for your Britannic settlements as the Scots và Irish ill invade, causing your old enemies to gather confidence. You must always stay vigilant. Avoid making new enemies and bởi vì your best to gather new families members through adoption. Of course if you are the Huns it is different. It might be best lớn not help your allies and just go straight towards your mortal foe the Western Romans. If you do this while getting adopted family members for your ruling tribe you should be able to lớn last very long and do well. Strike when your enemy is weak as Confucius says! Gaius Julius Caesar

Most people vì chưng not lượt thích a head to lớn head match because they seem lớn think they will be at war with the other player from the start và the truth is the opposite.
On head to lớn head mode you start of with the same agreements & relations with other factions as in the grvà campaign. The other player is not at war with you unless your faction normally starts at war with that faction he / she is playing as. You can make agreements và become allies with the other player. Though be aware it is possible for others khổng lồ declare war on you while in head khổng lồ head, not saying they will but they probably will. Use diplomacy khổng lồ prepare for war against your rival & trichồng him inlớn being weak from helping you. You can also play as the AI while in head to lớn head, if your rival is attacked & you vị not have an agreement then when a army attacks the other player you can choose to lớn spectate like in co-op or play as the AI. I personally like this because when you"re doing a Roman faction head to head the Eastern Empire doesn’t even have lớn declare war lớn weaken the West. I destroyed an entire Western army using the Quadrians. No losses on my factions part though. Yet another good thing about head to lớn head is that you have sầu your factions normal victory conditions so if you"re playing as the West và the East you will either have to lớn remain allies or declare war on each other to lớn win.
Co-op is a campaign where you are forced khổng lồ be military allies with the other faction, you cannot break the agreement and you cannot declare war on each other, this is good for new people khổng lồ try out if they are nervous but a pain for those who are in a tough spot và are forced to lớn help out their ally. I had a Eastern and Hun co-op campaign and since the Huns are hated by everyone I ended up getting invaded by all the Huns enemies và it made it impossible to lớn make a peace treaty… Not good for the East!So basically a co-op is a chiến dịch where you are forced lớn help each other out in wars, cannot play against each other and cannot declare war on each other. You also have a smaller amount of victory conditions that will cross over between your faction and your allies. Say if I was Eastern Rome and my ally was Western Rome the objectives are to own about 80 settlements between you so that would be a tichồng already.Gaius Julius Caesar
Migration is where a faction has been driven out of its homelvà, becoming landless. When all your cities are lost your armies become known as migrating "hordes". This is not something lớn be afraid off as migration has it"s perks. The main question is should you stay as a migrating nation or move sầu on to lớn take some settlements.
The first clue is in your chapter 1 objectives. Most nations that start as migrators have sầu a goal of staying in migration mode till chapter 2. Some nations have sầu chapter 1 và 2 goals khổng lồ settle inlớn specific provinces. Yet these provinces are not in any of the victory conditions. This insinuates that you should migrate, settle, and then migrate again.

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Mobility, having a settlement give sầu your enemy a hard target. A horde can stay on the move sầu. Massive sầu income. Thanks lớn the fact your armies are self supported you can move from settlement lớn settlement sacking them without needing lớn defkết thúc a home base. This means income without excessive upkeep. The ability khổng lồ starve a rival faction. Your horde reduces the food availibe in provinces where they are present, compounding this with raiding khổng lồ further reduce the food & the target faction can starve to death. An army suffering from heavy attrition is an easy target.
The first settlement will be your capital. Your food and income will be at massive sầu negatives. Your armies can no longer encamp.
All your hordes building that provide food & income are gone. Your new settlement needs to lớn be repaired & is not generating food or income.Voth, Gaius Julius Caesar

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